Building Department

The New Haven Building Department is led by Building Inspector Lee Riegel and supported by the city administrative staff. Lee Riegel can be reached directly by calling his cell phone: 573-694-3097. People can also leave messages for the Building Inspector by calling the City Hall line.

 The Building Permit Fee table can be found here.

Do I need a building permit?

One of the most frequently asked questions of the Building Department is whether or not a citizen will need a building permit for construction work. The following rule of thumb applies in most cases: If you are building something new, adding on to an existing structure or replacing an existing structure, or moving an existing structure or service, (like a water line) then you usually need a building permit. If you are merely repairing a structure (like a roof, or a porch), then you probably won’t need a permit.

Examples of new construction that require building permits include the following: Decks, porches, fences, swimming pools and basement remodels. Signs also require a permit. (Note: If your project is not listed here, it still may require a permit. Please contact the Building Inspector to be sure.)

Property Maintenance Inspection Program FAQ

Sign Rules & Temporary Sign Permit

Fence Permit Application

Permit to Build, Alter, Demolish, Extend or Move Structure

Residential Occupancy Permit Application - $40

Commercial Occupancy Permit Application - $30

Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule



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